Sanctuary on Eyre

Sanctuary on Eyre is a unique, not for profit, animal care facility that will be located near Port Lincoln.  It will provide holiday accommodation for all types of pets, refuge for animals in crisis, native wildlife rehabilitation and education.

A Doggy Day Care facility will provide the needs of puppies (4mths +), seniors, working dog breeds, small dogs and all other types of dogs in separate sectors as well as ones to bond and share.

IMGP3326 (2)
Ella with Dog Lacey

Sanctuary on Eyre’s facilities will be designed with animal needs and natural behaviors in mind.  Much loved pets will enjoy a space to run, sniff, move freely, explore and relax, while animals in crisis will benefit from calm surroundings, safe places to explore and time to adjust.

It is intended that the centre will become a renowned hub for education, training and animal welfare.  Sanctuary on Eyre will be closely working with schools, disadvantaged youth, unemployed, aged care and the homeless.

Sanctuary on Eyre will provide conference and workshop facilities for community use and corporate hire.  The centre will generate employment and volunteering opportunities while engaging local people in its development.

The board of Sanctuary on Eyre, consisting of 7 members, are currently investigating a suitable site, having the facilities plans drawn up and looking to secure financial backing and sponsorship.

Cate (center) with Ella, Benji and Dogs Lacey and Wolf

Cate Harrison, Chairperson of Sanctuary on Eyre,  is passionate about both animals and children.  She has worked in many schools during her extensive teaching career.  Her classrooms were full of life and animals, creating happiness with the students and the animals.  Now retired, Cate Harrison is combining the things she loves and creating a place where animals and people are brought together.  Animals will be able to heal people and the people can heal animals.  Acknowledging the powerful bonds between human & animal, animal & animal and human & human –  so that “all” can benefit from the healing.

“Animals enrich our lives in many different ways. They show us that regardless of the form we take in this world we all need, seek and respond to kindness.” Cate.

Children are spending more and more time indoors and less time outdoors – it is the same for all pets and animals.  Family backyards are shrinking and the pets and animals are becoming distraught and mischievous due to boredom and the lack of freedom to run and see the outside world.  Animals and people alike are loosing “the nature” in their lives.  Cate wants to help children and families reconnect with nature.

What can you do to help?……

  • Spread the word, use your networks.
  • Visit or email
  • Invite Cate Harrison (Chairperson of Sanctuary on Eyre)  to speak to your class.
  • Raise some money and donate to Sanctuary on Eyre.  They have a donation account with Bendigo bank 633-000, 159823251

Visit, like and Follow the Sanctuary on Eyre Facebook Page. (

Ella, Cate, Benji with Dogs Lacey and Wolf (front)

For the Love of the Animals  🙂

Portia spoke with Cate on the 5/8/2017.


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