3 easy ways you can prevent animal cruelty :


  1. Report animal abuse if you see it. If you witness someone abusing a animal whether they are physically abusing the animal or neglecting the animal in some way, report it t the local animal control. Neglect may require an educational visit from an animal control officer. Abuse may require removal of the animal from the home. Either way your call will guarantee a better life for the pet. And your name will be kept confidential. Below are some businesses and people you can contact for animal abuse.

The truth about animals at shelters and the effects of purchasing pets

So you’ve thought about it for a while. You decided you want a pet, many would go for the dog or a cat or even small animals such as rodents, reptiles and fish. But let’s talk about the more common dogs and cats. The first thing you may think of is where to buy them? A pet store is your first option. It’s easy, convenient, a versatile choice of breeds, the staff really know their stuff and they are well cared for. A breeder is also another option, if you’re looking for a dog or cat with a pedigree. Or even just a pure bred. You decide to buy this puppy/cat knowing it will be well cared for and going to a new home. With no background information of where they grew up and the ways they were treated in the past.

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Can you communicate with Animals?

Can you communicate with Animals? These people can.

When you look at these photos, the people and the animals look so connected. The fact that they are both different species doesn’t change the connection they all have. They are communicating without speaking

When you think about it most people do actually communicate with animals. If you have a dog and you tell it to sit the dog responds. If the dog whimpers you would go over to the dog and see what’s wrong, or you might even naturally ask the dog if its feeling alright. This is all a form of communication.

Tell us what you think? Are there other ways to communicate with animals?

By Portia C

See more of the Moscow-based Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova’s beautiful photo’s that we have used in this website. So you are aware no animals or people were harmed in the making of the photo’s. Safety Methods were used. More info in the link.

Animals Deserve Rights

Animals feel real feelings, live real lives, communicate real meanings yet they are treated as food and in an inhumane way even though they are not humans they still have rights and a purpose, they are a species, just like we are a species.

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