VICTORY! Bali’s dog meat trade SHUT DOWN

The Governor of Bali has signed a ruling to end the brutal dog meat trade.

With the careful stroke of his pen, he sealed a kinder, safer future for dogs on the island.

See how we achieved this victory for dogs:


When an Animals Australia investigator first infiltrated dog meat gangs in Bali, the cruelty suffered by dogs was largely hidden. He captured evidence of immense suffering, and revealed that tourists were unwittingly fuelling the trade, making our responsibility to these animals even greater.

I write to you with absolute gratitude to everyone who makes our work possible.

Because of Animal’s Australia’s dedicated supporters, the bamboo crates that once confined frightened dogs for days on end will soon be empty.

The collective commitment to this campaign from caring people around the world means that the days of dogs being poisoned, beaten and strangled for their meat will end.

Unwavering support of our work, and faith in our strategies, has ensured that once again dogs will peacefully co-exist in Balinese communities — as they had done for centuries.

You’ve been part of a team effort for animals, like no other.

Since we released the results of our investigation, a staggering 170,000 people from 159 countries have signed our petition appealing to the Governor to help dogs in Bali.

In a landmark Summit just two weeks ago, we brought together government officials, health authorities, tourism bodies and community leaders, achieving universal acceptance — for the very first time — that the dog meat trade should end.

The relentless efforts of our Veterinary Director on the ground in Bali have been supported by thousands of individuals, who’ve demonstrated that when good people work together on behalf of animals, extraordinary things can happen.

You’ve helped Animals Australia make history in Bali.

For now, our work there continues and there is still much to be done. With the continued support of our members, we are committed to staying the course in Bali to see this declaration become a reality, and working towards broader change for all animals on the island.

What our investigations into the dog meat trade have again reinforced are the risks faced by animals when they are seen as nothing more than a food source. Our vision is for a world where all animals are treated with compassion and respect, and are free from cruelty.

In Bali — and well beyond — thank you for helping us make this vision a reality.

Please take a moment to watch this uplifting video and celebrate this milestone for animals with us 🙂

For the animals,

Lyn Lyn
Lyn White AM
Investigations Director

PS. Sadly, the risks to animals in any country only increase when they are hidden from public view. Whether on board live export ships, inside factory farms, or out of sight in slaughterhouses — your donation today will help Animals Australia’s investigators be where animals need them most.

From Animals Australia.

Donate to them, more information at





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