The truth about animals at shelters and the effects of purchasing pets

So you’ve thought about it for a while. You decided you want a pet, many would go for the dog or a cat or even small animals such as rodents, reptiles and fish. But let’s talk about the more common dogs and cats. The first thing you may think of is where to buy them? A pet store is your first option. It’s easy, convenient, a versatile choice of breeds, the staff really know their stuff and they are well cared for. A breeder is also another option, if you’re looking for a dog or cat with a pedigree. Or even just a pure bred. You decide to buy this puppy/cat knowing it will be well cared for and going to a new home. With no background information of where they grew up and the ways they were treated in the past.

In fact, that sweet little puppy or kitten who you may have bought from a pet store, was once might have likely been in puppy or kitten mills. Which their parents were kept in small tight horrible conditions. Barely enough food or room to provide for their young. Their housing quarters are often over crowded, with terrible conditions and often lack any medication.


By Dianne B


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